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The Re-Imagining of Me

A Bracelet Body Monitor  - Technology Review.

When is this coming Jawbone? Geez! I’m ready to become a cyborg already? :-)


Spock Pilgrim by Nik Holmes

Shirt available at redbubble for $23.94. 

Artist: blogspot / website / twitter

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 Completely smitten! Who is this?

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Hey, friends! Maddy, my beautiful, relentlessly cheerful little girl has been hit with another $2,000 medical bill, this time for allergy tests back in Boston. I’ve created a new ‘Wookiee The Chew’ print, ‘Off To Save The Princess’. Pretty apt, eh? ;) I hope you like it - Everything made from this goes straight into our ‘Hugs For Maddy’ fund.

More info here:

Thanks for all of the love and support. Love you guys :) x 

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Shenae Grimes @ The CW Premiere Party in Burbank | September 10 

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