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You have my attention…

This is HILARIOUS! 😄


In The World Of Global Gestures, The Fist Bump Stands Alone

Back in the 2008 presidential campaign, candidate Barack Obama launched a media storm when he nonchalantly fist bumped his wife Michelle. “Obama’s Fist-bump Rocks The Nation!: The Huffington Post exclaimed. “Is the fist bump the new high-five?” NPR’s Laura Silverman asked.

Obama has done it again.

Earlier this month he cemented the gesture as part of his presidential persona when he fist bumped an employee at an Austin barbecue restaurant. Before taking Obama’s order, Daniel Rugg said, “Equal rights for gay people,” the Austin Chronicle reported. Then the presidential bump followed.

All this fist-to-fist action got us thinking: Where did the fist bump come from? Why is it so appealing that the president uses it? And do other cultures have similar nonverbal gestures?

The modern fist bump most likely evolved from the high-five in the sports world, says David Givens, an anthropologist with the Center for Nonverbal Studies in Spokane, Washington. The 1970s Baltimore Bullets guard Fred Carter was an early bumper, Time reported back in 2008. Eventually the fist bump became a way for friends to greet each other.

Givens believes that the fist bump stands out in the world of nonverbal gestures. “The fist bump is one of the few gestures that is equal,” he tells Goats and Sodas. “You could do it with President Obama, and you’d both be equals at that time.”

That’s because the knuckles are meeting at the same level — neither bumper has the upper hand, so to speak.

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Photo by Meredith Rizzo/NPR

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The Photo of gorecorekitty as Pacific Rim’s Mako Mori has been one of our most popular entries and we’re incredibly excited to bring you even more photos of the copilot of Gypsy Danger!

Photos 1-4 by Manny Llanura
Photo 5 by Jason

You can find more from the Cosplay League at the following links

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"These girls ain't loyal!" .

Old dude is getting it in! 😄


Photographic soap bubble studies by Santiago Betancur Z  that look like planets  

Photographer and painter Santiago Betancur Z explores the intersection between science and abstract art in his photographic studies of bubbles, as well as producing life-size figure painting. In his photographs and video recordings, Betancur Z captures imagery of soap bubbles against dark backgrounds, showcasing the random kaleidoscopic color and light effects produced by the delicate spheres, and the chance allusions that occur in their surfaces

Watch this beautiful collaboration between Santiago Betancur Z and musician Julian De La Chica

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Photographer Eva Wollenberg | On Tumblr


"And I dreamt of a woman suspended upside-down over a lava lake at the end of a rope. She had to go down, to collect magma."

I am a French artist of Polish origins born in 1982. I live and work in the middle of the woods, in the mountains of East of France. I studied Visual Arts at university but mainly followed the maverick’s path and I am self-taught in photography. 

I am mainly interested in digging into the mine of existentialism, chtonian mysteries, the uncanny and the unseen. My focus is on the exploration of the inner arena, emotional and psychological self-discovery. I use art as a way to uncover the true Self and integrate Shadow elements into the personality. The wild, the magic of synesthesias, symbols, rituals and intimacy drive me to create.

My creative vision has been nurtured by the encounter with the worlds of Ingmar Bergman, David Lynch, Andreï Tarkovski, or Sharunas Bartas.

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Seung-Hwan Oh | On Tumblr

Seung-Hwan Oh works and lives in Seoul, where he was born and raised until moving to New York where he studied film and photography at CUNY Hunter College. His work and practice stem from his interest and approach toward other disciplinary thoughts and ideas, from philosophy to sciences. His most recent work, exhibited at Zaha Museum, was inspired by the notion of the first advent of vision in life on earth, and his current work focuses on implementing microbial growth on film as a means to explore the impermanence of matter as well as the material limitations of photography.

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This is the Doctor in the days before he knew me. And he looks at me… He looks right through me and it shouldn’t kill me but it does.

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Lorenzo Vitturi

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Here is our little niece doing a check-up on her dog because she said he is sick and needs the doctor. He seems to agree. Totally cute! #theninjabot #ninjabot #cute #dog (at Ninjabot HQ)

Basement Jaxx - Never Say Never ft. ETML

It’s so ridiculous I had to post it.

I love how the twerk bot gets away at the end.

Also, the female scientist…pretty hot. :-)


Black Jesus Official Trailer | Black Jesus | Adult Swim - YouTube.

Not a big fan of the Boondocks due to the liberal and ,in my opinion, irresponsible use of the n-word, but this project looks absolutely hilarious!